Developed for all companies interested in increasing sales and optimizing margins. With clear and understandable reports, this package is set to present, through data analysis, an overview that will support decision making about pricing, market approach and sales activities.

The package uses pre-defined scripts to aid analysis according to your needs, such as:

Cross-Selling: Uses customer-, product-, sales-, and employee tables and cross-sells this data. This will, for example, show relationships between sold products, combined sales trends, employee-to-sales diversity, and so on. This helps to make the sales system less vulnerable.

Margin by Region, Segment, Product Category and Employee: In this package, thanks to cross checking the data, you can see the profit and margin precisely calculated and reported in different views. Facilitating decision-making and the understanding of your business according to the results obtained.


These scripts will show you indicators of insufficient process controls or even fraud. The analyses are designed to provide the customer a clear and objective overview of the journal entries that might need to be investigated later.

Journal entries showing signs of possible fraud are displayed and marked. The more indicators that are found in a journal entry, the more points the journal entry receives.

The analyses will provide results on:

  • Duplicate entries
  • Number of times an account is used
  • Journal entries during holidays
  • Number of reversed Journal entries
  • Journal entries of unusual high (or low) value
  • Jornal entries without description

With a vast possibility, we can cross reference data and filter any result according to your need, seeing the data in a much simpler and easier way.


These analyses help improving the business’ understanding of the tax positions. Furthermore, it improves the communication with and towards the tax authorities. Thus making tax planning possible as well as having better control over (compliance) costs and improving the company's tax “quality”.

Tax analysis:

  • Transfer Pricing analysis
  • E-Social analysis
  • Calculation of credit recovery (PIS Cofins)