We live in a world surround by technology that's used to make our lives and our jobs easier. The problem is that this same technology is also used to commit frauds, bypass controls or, by mistake, disseminate errors. It's essential that professionals working with GRC (internal and external auditors, internal control and compliance analysts) make use of the same technology to identify and map the risks, gaps and control failures in a tempestive and effective way.

The data volume generated every day by different systems and processes creates a big challenge to GRC professionals in order to answer all the questions which are in the core of their jobs:


At Delfos we work to help companies to choose the best technologies and methodologies to answer each one of these questions. And we do this the in the most effectvive, fast and economic way, delivering to our customers always the best results.

We offer data treatment and analysis services adding to customer's processes the best analysis techniques to meet each different needs either by meand of customized services or pre-defined data analysis packages - Delfos Quick Insights - our objective is to assure to our customers the best results at the fastest way.