About the name Delfos

The myth says that Zeus was trying to determine the midpoint of the Earth. To accomplish this he sent two eagles from opposite ends of the world, one flying towards the other. They met at Delfos, designating this Greek city as the center of the world and as the seat of the oracle which received numerous visitors seeking for advice.

Zeus would not have chosen eagles in vain: universal symbol of power, strength, authority, victory and spiritual protection, the eagle is very agile and skillful. With her insightful eye, which allows her to gaze directly at the sun, she represents clairvoyance.

Our Concept

The differential of Delfos is to bring to our customers a panoramic view of the data, something that without methodology and appropriate tools our clients are not able to do.

In Celtic culture one of the functions of the eagle is to guide on occasions of initiation and transition. The same function that Delfos exercises with its clients.

In alchemy the eagle symbolizes the transmutation of vile metal into gold. This concept is related to two objectives of Delfos: to add value to customer data transforming it into useful and strategic information for the company and to enable sustainable relevant resource savings through the implementation of new processes.

Our essence

We are more than a company specialized in data analysis. We help our clients analyze scenarios previously unseen using different methodologies and techniques, engaging the customer in a journey to assure autonomy in future analysis by those who hire us.